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The Future of the Mining and Oil & Gas Industries: Embracing Digital Innovation

Because digital technologies can replace the need for an in situ workforce, while extending the life of critical assets and granting greater visibility across operations, they’re instrumental to the oil & gas and mining industries’ objectives to minimise safety risks while maximising production and improving operational efficiency. Explore the technologies that are improving these sectors and find guidance on how you can embrace digital innovation.

Insights & Tools to Transform the Industrial Commodities Sectors

The industrial commodities sector is the bedrock for future innovations, providing rare earth metals and energy sources that will prove essential to the renewable future of our world. But this reliance demands digital innovation, so that the futures of the mining and petroleum industries are driven by sustainability, accelerated productivity, and greater capital flexibility.

Harnessing the power of digitalisation allows the industrial commodities sectors to improve operations across the entire value chain. Leading companies are embracing this digital transformation through Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions, integrating critical assets and operations with predictive analytics, process automation, and real-time simulations to optimise productivity while cutting costs and achieving net zero targets. Leveraging advanced technologies also optimises project management, providing accurate geotechnical data and 3D visualisation software to aid in the engineering of a project.

The future of the metals and mining & oil and gas industries hinges on a proactive rather than reactive approach. Digital innovations identify areas of optimisation in real-time, allowing you to better allocate capital to achieve long-term growth, accelerate productivity, and drive down emissions. Prescriptive analytics and predictive maintenance solutions are among the technologies improving the industrial commodities sectors. Because they continuously monitor operations, from exploration drilling and asset maintenance to inventory and CAPEX management, while collecting and analysing high quality data in real-time, these technologies bring the insights and tools you can use to transform your organisation.

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