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Managers often struggle to understand and visualise the status of various tasks within their workforce. Equally, fieldworkers are inundated with multiple channels of communication and system input for field-based tasks.

This innovative SaaS-based platform consolidates tasks for managers and fieldworkers in one easy-to-use platform. Assigning, executing, and verifying tasks using a centralised tool improves compliance, increases visibility and provides clear feedback and guidelines associated with tasks on a dynamic basis.

The challenge

A lack of transparency regarding task assignment and completion often hampers operations management. Without access to this vital information, managers are unable to accurately monitor employee productivity and compliance.

This inability to understand and visualise the status of tasks typically stems from inefficient and highly manual task management processes. Most notably, multiple channels of communication, which restrict fieldworkers’ access to task notifications, prioritisation, and feedback.

The approach

This unified real-time task management platform has been proven to deliver permanent monitoring of project execution and efficiency across a range of industries.

A flexible and intuitive drag and drop editor allows the comprehensive platform to be tailored to the specific requirements of operations quickly and easily.

Once set up, it provides managers with the power to assign and verify relevant tasks at scale, across multiple locations simultaneously. Fieldworkers subsequently benefit from unified task communication, which promotes an environment in which prioritised assignments and proactive feedback are commonplace. All of this is facilitated by the visualisation of real-time data on clear dashboards.

By optimising these task management processes for all parties, productivity is increased without compromising operational standards.

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