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Simplified IIoT platform to automate operations

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This secure industrial IoT solution integrates multiple oil and gas data sets and stores the data in a cloud, ending a facilities  reliance on multiple servers.

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Reduces infrastructure investment and maintenance

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Typically, oil and gas operators rely on multiple legacy servers to store and analyse multiple data sets. This makes cross-referencing tricky and creating an overview of all the different data inputs and how they relate to each other is time-consuming, expensive and challenging.

This secure industrial IoT solution integrates all those multiples data sets on a single dashboard. Using cellular and WiFi connections, it makes all of your real-time data available anytime, anywhere, without having to install any further infrastructure.

This solution is designed for established and new mid-cap smaller on and offshore facilities.

Established facilities often have lots of legacy hardware systems that require upgrading. This solution avoids the need for an expensive upgrade. It doesn’t replace existing server infrastructure, it complements and enhances it.

In the case of a new remote well site or production facility, this cloud-based solution ensures that you don’t need to install a whole data system running off several servers, leading to a huge reduction in construction costs. For companies with existing dashboard systems there is no requirement to utilise the cloud-based solution, a hardwire implementation can be used for data collation.

The challenge

Typically, oil and gas operators work with multiple data sets collected by multiple legacy servers that they have to analyse via multiple dashboards. This makes cross-referencing tricky and creating an overview of all the different data inputs and how they relate to each other is time-consuming, expensive and challenging.

Repairing these entrenched systems often involves sending engineers to remote locations. This is also a costly and lengthy process. It can disrupt the production process and even cause plant shutdown.

This IoT solution brings all of your data sets into one place viewable on a single dashboard at any time from anywhere. Cost effective and easy to deploy, it is particularly suited to remote on and off-shore facilities where maximising productivity while keeping onsite staff numbers to a minimum is key to profitability.

The approach

Quick and easy to deploy, this compact secure digital interface gathers multiple sensor data from across a plant. It integrates a multitude of data from traditional stand-alone data systems on a single screen and allows you to control and monitor your production site, without being in situ. Consequently, it reduces the numbers of staff required on site and reduces maintenance field trips to the facility.

This IoT tool collects and integrates data from layers of entrenched oil and gas operational systems. This includes: fire and gas data; ignition-certified systems and DCS data; as well as nearly all industrial protocols – Modbus TCP Serial, digital, analogue and Scada systems. It then collates all this data together in a central repository where it is analysed for actionable insights.

Following login, the user is presented with a list of assets and tools based on their login credentials. Users can access detailed real-time and historical data, on their PC or mobile devices, which they can use to depict visible trends and receive configurable alerts.

Dozens of oil and gas operators across the world are already reporting huge benefits following deployment of this system. When an oil and gas producer in California, for example, needed to obtain pressures along its pipeline it traditionally sent someone down to take spot readings, this solution now means that this task can be done remotely. Another client in Texas has used this tool to cut the time it takes to bring visibility of measurements from months to days.

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