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Intelligent sustainability software platform

Key facts

over40%reduction in waste management costs
over10%waste reduction
over50% improvement in employee engagement
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Brings together ESG, learning management and governance & risk compliance into one focussed SaaS platform.

Top business benefits

Single pane of glass to cover engagement, governance, reporting

Waste reduction – volume and cost through intelligent analytics

Reduced costs on external consultants through a standardised approach, cost benchmarking and AI-power virtual consultant

High levels of employee engagement – both education and advocacy

Executive dashboarding – efficient automated reporting

In more detail

Full description

Sustainability is a board level priority in every metals and mining company and involves both enterprise-wide employee training and engagement, as well as a focus on industry specific problems including legal compliance, waste management, and carbon emissions and reduction.

This innovative AI- and data-driven SaaS platform is proven to accelerate progress with best-in-class employee engagement, corporate governance and deep analytics.

The challenge

As the metals and mining industry continues to place more strategic importance on sustainability, companies need to ensure both high levels of employee training and engagement as well as a deep focus on industry problem areas.

It remains common to maintain fragmented, stranded solutions for different elements of this essential programme, which in turn can lead to both inefficiencies and a lack of progress. Reporting is often complex and requires aggregation of multiple data sources from various functional departments.

Specific areas such as waste management require a deep understanding of the cradle-to-grave process, supplier performance and cost benchmarking. This is becoming even more critical in the areas of carbon dioxide emissions, where complex datasets need to be coalesced, processed and expressed in a manner that keeps focus on the bigger picture. Thus, correct and timely sustainability interventions can be executed to ensure legal compliance and satisfy net zero ambitions.

The approach

Powered by an AI engine, this innovative SaaS platform provides a supporting and enabling framework for organisations across three pillars: employee education and engagement, corporate governance and analytics.

The AI engine features an embedded virtual consultant to guide users to best-practice approaches, and to market data and insights that provide benchmarking for certain processes. For example, organisations can compare their own end-to-end third-party waste management costs to industry benchmarks. In one case, a customer was able to demonstrate their waste provider was overcharging them.

The solution allows for specific industry and geographic legislation and policies to be uploaded into the configuration, thereby providing rules-based compliance management and executive level visibility of performance against both laws and policies.

The platform can be applied to broad environmental topics like end-to-end waste management but has also been demonstrated to work with very specific industry challenges such as water and carbon emissions management and reductions in metals and mining organisations.

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