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Predictive maintenance platform that monitors sensors on all industrial machinery

Key facts

up to50%reduction in unplanned downtime
under6 mthsto achieve ROI
typically30%reduced maintenance spend
typically85%increase in downtime forecasting accuracy
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Uses sensor data to learn what normal operations look like and then uses automated condition monitoring analysis to predict issues before they arise. There is an insurance back ROI guarantee.

Top business benefits

Reduce costly unplanned downtime by up to 50%

Achieve a typical ROI of less than three months

Free up valuable time for skilled engineers to focus on what matters

Improve equipment efficiency and reduce maintenance costs

Scale easily and optimise all machine operations

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Equipment maintenance is so crucial that a company could spend between 35%-50% of its annual operating budget on maintenance and repairs alone. This is without factoring in necessary safety implementations for staff and other site visitors.

With the increase in the digitisation of assets, process control software now collects more data than ever before, providing a rich source of additional information for automated condition monitoring purposes. This solution uses deep domain expertise in condition monitoring to reduce downtime, increase forecasting accuracy, and cut maintenance expenditure, in an interface used directly by maintainers. Only requiring one months' worth of data and backed by a tier one reinsurance provider, this solution guarantees ROI within one year or the software license fee is refunded.

The challenge

Processing, smelting and refining plants run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Productivity and uptime are key and unexpected downtime can have a huge effect on the overall profitability of an operation.

Keeping operations at peak output is a difficult job. Often equipment can breakdown before a planned maintenance period occurs, leading to lost output and costly repairs. Likewise, often components are swapped too early due to risk aversion leading to lower efficiency and higher spare parts cost.

The approach

Using AI and machine learning algorithms, this smart SaaS solution ensures maintenance optimisation, cost reduction, and uptime assurance through automated condition monitoring analysis. The system has an insurance backed guarantee ensuring ROI for customers. This truly unique guarantee allows companies to deploy with zero risk.

Developed by experts in condition monitoring and trusted by international organisations, the solution is 100% cloud-based, using the same encryption standards as modern banking systems for unparalleled security. A more efficient alternative to traditional condition monitoring, it automates the process of continual monitoring for anomalies, trends, patterns, and predictions of Remaining Useful Life. It enables maintenance teams to multiply their efforts and focus on exactly what they need to, rather than performing unnecessary spot checks.

Typically ensuring ROI within just three to six months, the solution provider has partnered with a tier one reinsurance company (SCOR) to guarantee ROI within 12 months of use, or you’ll receive a full refund on your software license. With proven reliability, this innovative AI solution also offers an efficient implementation time of just one month, subject to existing operational data.

This unique capacity for harnessing data reduces the need for any additional hardware, such as further sensors, keeping costs down with the same result. However, it’s also a scalable solution, so new hardware can be purchased using our network of partners as required.

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