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Underground data aggregator to optimise mine output and safety

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over10%productivity increase
100%integrated with core systems
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Removes human error and bias

Leads to better decision making

Produces more ore for less cost

Significantly increases productivity

Reduces OPEX

Lengthens the life of equipment

Improves operational efficiency

Improves workforce engagement

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Underground mines are reliant on efficient, effective and economic dispatch and tracking systems to optimise the safety and performance of their operations. One error can impact the smooth running of an entire mine.

This onboard dispatch and tracking system provides a constant, real-time overview of all of your equipment, assets and workforce. Integrating with most mining information software, it shows where all your equipment, assets and workforce are at any one time and where they are going. It then manages this to achieve optimal performance across your mine; deciding the most efficient routing for your haul fleet to achieve maximum productivity for your loading equipment and highest tonnage output. Should the unexpected happen, such as a loader breakdown, it automatically readjusts your schedule to continue optimising performance.

The system also monitors tyres, providing real-time assessments to ensure tyres are replaced before incidents occur. And, the platform helps you track how your mine is performing against your KPIs. By monitoring all of your metrics in real time, it gives you complete visibility over everything that happens during and at the end of each shift.

The challenge

If a mine’s dispatch system is out of synch, it impacts on every aspect of its operation. It leads to queues and holdups at loading and dumping areas, equipment and assets sent to the wrong places and lower equipment utilisation and tonnages.

Traditional processes can be prone to human error and if a mine is not running at optimal performance and will be less productive and less profitable.

The approach

Using easily installed onboard equipment and sensors that integrate with most equipment software, this cost-effective system collects data that allows it to efficiently manage your equipment and to ensure that every aspect of your operation is running at optimal performance.

  • It uses the data it gathers to continually optimise the shift plan, building in breaks and refuelling; and if a delay or breakdown occurs it makes in-shift corrections. It also monitors the mileage, temperature and pressure of tyres to advise on where repairs and replacements should be made before a failure occurs, making maximum use of the asset.

  • It calculates equipment cycle times and idle hours, accounts for ore reserves in active faces, stockpiles ore passes and chutes and tracks the ore flow from active face to mill. It then creates production statistics that can be used to measure asset, equipment and workforce KPIs.

  • Using criteria agreed with customers and other performance objectives, it analyses employee performance so that achievements can be celebrated and training can be provided where improvements are needed.

  • It delivers task assignments to the dashboards on each piece of equipment; this can include tonnage, number of rock-mass buckets, loading and unloading locations and controls. It then manages all mining processes and transportations to best meet KPIs.

By providing a constant overview of your mining operation and optimising every aspect of it, this system significantly increases productivity and health and safety, aids decision-making and minimises human errors, while cutting OPEX.

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