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At Axora we are lucky to work with great partners, solution providers, operators and industrials, professors and universities, and more - all over the world. Whether it’s to join our marketplace, share insights, be on one of our panels, or collaborate to solve big industry challenges, we would love to have you join us.

Our partners

Building powerful partnerships is incredibly important to us - whether it’s centred around expert deployment and productisation services, or industry expertise. We are delighted to have several great partners already, with more to come. If you are interested in partnering with us, get in touch.

Our solution providers

Our mission is to carefully source the best innovative solutions across safety, sustainability and efficiency, to enable our customers to digitally transform their operations. Here are just some of the amazing solution providers we have on-board. If you are interested in joining us, get in touch.

Innovation successes

The solutions from our leading providers - start ups, vendors and industrials - have been successfully deployed all over the world. They have helped thousands of industrial companies use digital innovation to hit their safety, sustainability, and efficiency goals. Here are just a few of the companies positively impacted by our solution providers.

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2022 Globee Award Winner

A bronze award in the 'Startup of the Year: Business Services' category